NAME - A Perl-script to import ascii OVL-files into a GRASS location.
(GRASS 6 Vector Program)

SYNOPSIS input=OVL-File [output=GRASS-Vector]

DESCRIPTION imports vector data from an ascii OVl file into a (lat lon/EPS:4326) GRASS location.
If no parameters are provided, will ask for the input file and the name of the vector layer to be created.
An OVL file can contain multiple vector geometries, such as polygons, lines and several varieties of point data with specific attributes (different icons, text, size, orientation)
All geometries of the OVL are imported into the GRASS vector layer. All OVL attributes (colors, size, orientation, text, etc.) are stored in the vectors database table.


Input ascii OVL file.
Name of the new GRASS vector.


This script will not work on binary OVL files. Make sure that ASCII OVL is exported.

OVL files can be created from german TOP[10|25|50|100] products, austrian AUSTRIA MAP products and the swiss SWISSMAP 100.

The script automatically converts the line-end characters from windows to un*x-style.

Extended Mapping Opportunity

It might be interesting to know that the SWISSMAP 100 CDROM includes a general map (low res) of central europe which allows to create OVLs also for parts of France, Italy and other countries.



Peter Lwe

Last changed: $Date: 2007/17/06 $